Our Story - The Photobooth Wagon
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‘The Photo Wagon’ Photobooth was born as a result of our two great passions; the Camera and the Campervan. . . 

Memories of carefree family holidays with a 1971 VW van and a big old canvas tent inspired Linda to buy own Campervan 5 years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since. Despite all the well documented ‘idiosyncrasies’ of this much loved vehicle, Linda and her partner have spent many weekends travelling around the country visiting some of the UK’s most breathtaking and awe-inspiring sights.

After many years of taking holidays abroad to, (it has to be said,) much sunnier and more reliable climates, there was something lacking still. The pure freedom and sense of adventure that comes with being able to stop where you like, put the kettle on, and be set up for the night in a matter of minutes was always so much more appealing. Who needs guaranteed sunshine when you can be warm and cosy in the van whatever the weather? A sunbed by the pool everyday was somehow a little too predictable and tame.

Our campervan at Durdle Door pre-photobooth conversion

Owning a campervan is more than just for taking a break – they really do become part of the family, and as such gain a place in the hearts of the people who own them that just doesn’t compare with owning a regular car.

The majority of VW van owners feel like they have joined an extended family and have many opportunities to meet up with fellow ‘Dubbers’ at the many VW shows and festivals throughout the year. The fact that many are prepared to travel hundreds of miles just for a VW meet up demonstrates the love and the loyalty that these people have for their vans.

There is a sense of camaraderie and kinship which is heartwarming – not to mention the famous VW wave mutually exchanged by perfect strangers when passing on a motorway!

Most VW owners name their van, and ‘Ruby’ is no exception – the name was inherited from the previous owners, but since the colour was (or used to be!) a lovely deep red, the name fitted, and it stayed.

She now looks very different, having had a complete makeover inside and out, but she is still Ruby inside, both in name and in colour, so the name has stayed so far, despite the drastic changes to her appearance, and rumours of her possibly being the first known Transgender van!

Campervan Photobooth first photoshoot at Broke Hill Golf Club
Campervan Photobooth with PHOTO numberplate

The bold decision to convert Ruby into a Mobile Photobooth was taken after realising that it was in the perfect way to enable Rob and Linda to both travel more, to spend more time using Ruby, (instead of covering her up for the winter months), and to start a business that was a little more light-hearted and fun. Just as importantly however, it would give others the chance to get pleasure and enjoyment from our campervan aswell!