Useful Information - The Photobooth Wagon
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Useful Information

Ruby will be celebrating her 27th birthday this year, which is young compared to her cousins the VW Splitscreen model, and the VW Baywindow model, but for a 21st century vehicle she is now viewed as a classic vehicle and needs a lot of love and attention to keep her on the road.

However, do not be deceived by her old fashioned exterior – inside she is totally ‘high tech’. Hidden behind the rustic wood panelling, the photographic equipment is the very latest in Photobooth technology and design, giving you the following features –

A large 21.5” Touch screen monitor which shows each image as it is taken.

An adjustable studio light to ensure daytime and night time photos are correctly lit.

Four photos taken automatically, five seconds apart for changing over your props.

Professional quality digital SLR and flash taking the pictures automatically

Dry prints processed and in just a few seconds, due to the state of the art dye sublimation instant printing which enables them to be handled immediately.

Video messaging, Green screen facility, and a choice of 6 photo image effects.


Ruby is a rather large vehicle at nearly 5m long, there needs to be appropriate outside space for us to park/maneuver so please bear in mind that she may not be suitable for certain events/venues.

We do require power supply – the power socket can be up to 20m away, but we prefer to be as near to your venue building as possible.

Included in the price of your package is our travel costs, to and from your destination. However, we are prepared to travel further afield for a small extra fee per mile.

There will be a trained booth attendant present for the whole evening to assist operation, to organise (and re-organise!) the props as necessary, and to answer any questions you or your guests may have.

The booth will need to be parked on a flat surface, so please bear this in mind.

Extra copies of the prints can only be done on the night, so you will need to plan beforehand whether you would like a set of prints yourselves, aswell as the guests having their own to take home.

No alcohol or cigarettes are permitted inside the booth.